Summer Learning is Important

Whether you’re concerned about the Summer learning loss or just plain old boredom with all of that extra time, the Summer Reading Program at Mono County Libraries gives you a chance to decide what you’ll learn.

In order to participate, visit your local library branch to pick up a game-board — or see the About page for how to register online. 

Oh yeah — did we mention there are prizes?

Every time you complete three new activities, you can take your game-board into your local branch to collect a small prize. In order to complete the Summer Reading Program, you must complete a total of nine different activities. At this point, your name is entered into a raffle for your local library branch’s grand prize.

Share your experiences with us!

Many of the activities suggest different ways in which you can share what you’re doing. From making Book Reviews that we can use in the library to sending a video book review that we can pass along to our virtual followers, we’d be delighted if you shared your experiences with us. Even if it’s as simple as a photo and tagging @Monoctylibraries on Social Media, we’d love to hear from you! Check out the Dare to Share page for more opportunities.




It is likely no surprise that literacy is linked to success in both school and life — it is the bedrock for developing key language skills. These skills are not only needed to excel academically, but they are also essential to communicate effectively, which is foundational to our social and emotional well-being.


Student-led inquiry not only makes it possible for kids to learn about what interests them, but also provides them with the research skills that they need to track down reliable information in a world flooded with it. Humans learn through all sorts of data — from experimentation and observation to reviewing the findings of others; investigations challenge a students’ ability to synthesize various approaches to learning.


Not much can compete with the wondrous feelings of discovery. Whether you are seeing the world through the eyes of another, exploring new terrain or looking at something familiar in a whole new way, discovery is what keeps the world of learning most exciting.

Check out some ways to share your Summer adventures with your local Library!

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